Pinion Rods Manufacturer Welcomes You!

Best of Pinion Rods Manufacturers Welcomes You!

Precision Pinion Rod – the best of pinion rods manufacturers –  says, “Welcome to our new web presence.”

There are not too many custom and standard pinion rods manufacturers out there.

There are far fewer (maybe one or two, besides us?) who do it like us.

We are totally and exclusively devoted to being pinion rods manufacturers.

Stylized Pinion Rod Image with Precision Pinion Rod Contact info for article on Pinion Rods Manufacturers

Precision Pinion Rod – Devoted to Manufacturing Standard & Custom Pinion Rods


We have standard tooling available for brass pinion rods.   We can make our own tooling.   Additional sizes available upon request.

Material: 360 Free cutting brass, AGMA Quality 4
Specifications: Cold Drawn

Whatever your needs and applications, we welcome your inquiry!  Please call us at (920) 982-6830 or Contact Us!

We’ll be back with more information for you.  Your suggestions and questions are welcome any time and all the time.

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